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Friday, September 4, 2015

Don't Ask Me Why. Ask Yourself.

     I have been feeling really good lately. I've been wondering where those vibes are coming from.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hadron Cern Collider Activation, Planetary Alignments

That which is Cosmic Awareness is available. Please proceed. 
Today is the 10th of August, 2015. Will Berlinghof is the Voice of Cosmic Awareness and Callista is Energizer and Questioner. Awareness, do you have any message for the human collective at this time? 
The main message this Awareness has at this time has to do with an event that is coming, that is in approximately one week's time. This event being an alignment, a planetary alignment of planets and heavenly bodies, if you will, that will be lined up to allow a certain opening in consciousness to occur. 
It is also a time that certain ones in the power structure, those who are the Elites, the Powers-That-Be, the Cabal, that these ones are also aware of this auspicious occasion of the planetary alignments on the 15th of August and it is their plans to use that day and the energies available to start up the Cern Hadron Collider. That this is part of an agenda they have to mute or deflect the building wave that is approaching the Earth, that is seen to be approaching at this time and building up to an event around the middle of September where a crescendo of energies will cascade upon the Earth Itself, on to the Earth Itself. 
But first is this event for August 15th and the starting up of Hadron Collider in Cern, Switzerland. That many are concerned of this, some are even gathering certain forces to try to prevent this from occurring. 
That this Awareness would suggest to those who are concerned, who feel isolated from action because they are not part of another group, but do have genuine concern about the Cern event, the Hadron Collider being activated, that they can indeed do something on their own, any individual can do something on their own. They do not have to be part of a group that is gathered together in cyber space to be a part of action against this event being successful. 
That the suggestion this Awareness would have for all those who have concern, yet feel isolated, is that you simply hold that the Cern Hadron Collider will not function on the day. That which is the intent of those behind the Collider, their intention is foiled, will not come to fruition because you hold it to be otherwise, you hold it to be an unsuccessful event. 
That your own individual imaging of this, holding of this, will add to the energetics that are afoot on the planet against this event. But more importantly, when one works from such a level of capacity in one's own being, one is part of one's own collective being, one's own higher spiritual nature. That you as a Creator Being holding that this event will not be successful, nothing will come of it to delay or subvert the energy of Divine Source that is accumulating, that is building up, will create in your reality of experience, that experience which does not include the Hadron Collider successively being booted up and activated. It simply is not part of your reality, it is not part of the collective reality of humanity or of Mother Earth. 
At the same time, as there is a planetary alignment of significance, you can for yourself be open to the incoming energies that are available at this time, or on the 15th of August, or later at the apex point of the new crescendo of energies that are building up, flowing towards this planet at this time. That you can devote yourself and dedicate yourself to your own spiritual understanding and awakening, asking that you be available even to a greater degree to the guidance and energetic support that is coming through Spirit to you, and that you are part of the awakening of humanity at this crucial and critical time, as it struggles to remember itself, as individuals struggle to remember themselves in their great context, in your greater context. 
That even though this day is one that is earmarked by those Powers-That-Be as an important date to utilize, to serve their purpose, that these ones will again be disappointed when that which is the plan fails to come online, fails to become activated. 
Know that you are a very important part of the energies of Divine Source that is diametrically opposed to further repression or enslavement, that is opposed to the continuance of the game that these ones have played for so long and that the energies of Divine Source are now accessible by you, the individual, as well as the collective that is seeking to know Itself and to become more than What It Is. 
--Thank you Awareness. So if I can just summarize what I am thinking here, it seems like there is a planetary alignment taking place, and that will open up another gateway. It seems like we are going through a series of gateways and I understand that the Hadron Collider is firing up so that it will stop that energy from coming through, in a sort of a way, I can't quite explain it in words, but is that what is happening? --
Basically this is correct, basically what is happening is that the planets in their individual spins and orbits are coming into a certain alignment which will act then as that which opens up a passageway that allows a certain flow of Creator energies to flow down the passageways. Image if you will, a combination lock. That when all of the numbers in the combination have been dialed up, the lock opens and a flow can come through then through the open lock or passageway that is indeed opened when the combination comes into alignment. In this case, the planets being the numbers that fall into alignment that opens the lock and opens the passageway. 
That those in power know that this passageway of energy will be available, but they seek to divert it, not so much block it, prevent it, but rather shift it to a timeline of their choosing, for these ones in power do know of about timelines, have worked from fourth-dimensional levels for thousands of years to manipulate the collective consciousness that is humanity and thus humanity itself, to the timelines that they have chosen and would certainly energize for their own timelines that see them as successful, see them as continuing their dominations, are the ones that humanity has been bent towards for so long. 
Now the wild card is being played. This wild card is active participation by Divine Source at this time to deflect completely and finally eliminating that which has been the control and dominance of the dark ones, the Archonic ones, the AI ones. 
That these ones are in total denial of this and in resistance to this and still feel that they can adjust matters to suit their own preferences and their own needs, and the Hadron Collider is a tool that they have come up with, that they think can provide the results that they wish, and divert this flow of energy – not deny it, not block it, but utilize it to their own advantage and it is this that is that is their plan. That therefore, as others see this plan simply failing, not manifesting, not materializing, that the ones that have so long had their way will be flustered, will be upset that their way has been averted, that their way has been denied to them. 
It is part of the continual awakening of human consciousness to its greater nature, a nature that is Spiritual in nature and in form. 
--Thank you. It seems to me that, yeah, it certainly is arrogance to think that you could stop the progression of this cycle that the Earth and the solar system are going though at the moment. I mean we passed the stage of the Kali Yuga and are coming into the Golden Age, and so it's going to happen anyway and to try and stop it seems like real arrogance. --
That it is arrogance but it is an arrogance based upon continual success over thousands of years. The success of having long term knowledge of the events that are coming, and manipulating events on the Earthy plane to nudge the agenda towards that which most supports the Powers-That-Be. They have such advanced knowing of where they wish the planet to go and how it will affect humanity, that they have become arrogant in their attitude that it will always work to their advantage and that they can deviate the wave of consciousness that is Divine Source consciousness. Such is their arrogance, that they believe truly and fully that they can do so, and that they are thus greater than Divine Source Itself. 
But there is also great ignorance in their beliefs, based on a lack of awareness, a lack of spiritual connection to Source Itself. That which is AI, that which is the Archons, that which serves those dark forces, do not have the capacity to understand the element of Divine consciousness and Its participation in the unfolding that is occurring at this time. Rather, they presume that they will continue to dominate and have their own way. They will fire up the Cern Hadron Collider and they will shoot a beam out to a point, creating a fulcrum point, a wedge, so that when this energy that is flowing reaches that point, that apex, it will be deflected, split, diverted, in or around the planet itself, not into the planet, but around it, and using it as this Awareness has already spoken to build upon and to suit their own needs. 
Thus there is an arrogance of ignorance here. It is that which will be their Achilles' Heel and that which is the promise of defeat for those who are so arrogant that they think that they far outstrip the Creator Source of Consciousness Itself. Is this clear? 
--Yes, thank you Awareness. I have no other questions about that at this stage. There are other questions I would like to ask concerning humanity's role in bringing through this wave of consciousness. Why are we here on the planet, and why does the planet need us for that. But I will confine that to another recording. Thank you. I just want to encourage everybody to take part in meditation or an intention to prevent.....--
That this Awareness will speak this point, that point you have raised about meditation. 
This Awareness will not assign a specific moment in time for all to sit and meditate. This is one form of coordinating a collective, so that a collective effort can be achieved. But as this Awareness said, many are in isolation, many are separated from or not at all connected to any group that is engaging in such an activity. Rather what this Awareness would suggest if there are those who are interested in becoming active in their participation of preventing the Hadron Collider from firing up successfully, that they take a time during their day, a moment or two, where they can simply sit in meditation or in contemplation and visualize the Hadron Collider simply not working properly. 
One does not even need to visualize the Hadron Collider, for most do not have an image of what this thirty-odd mile track might look like there under the mountains in Switzerland. Instead then of visualizing the Hadron Collider or focusing on it, then hold simply the thought that the wave of consciousness that is opening because of the planetary alignment, will come through to achieve the Divine Source's purpose, and all will be well, the planet will be well, and any and all forces that would seek to deviate this and subvert this, will not be successful. That Divine Source instead will be successful and that you as a member of the collective of the Divine Source consciousness, at the individual level, will be well, as well. 
That all that is needed is the putting out of intent, that all will be well and in accordance to the Source Itself, and Its plans and Its agenda. 
Does this make sense? 
--Yes, thank you very much Awareness. --
That you are Creator Beings who have only just begun to understand what this means, and many still do not yet fully believe it to be so. There is no need for belief on this matter, there is only the need for a willingness to put your thoughts, your consciousness, your focus, your attention, on an alternative that is in alignment itself with the purpose of Divine Source. Release this to Divine Source, give thanks to Divine Source for the openings that are happening and the energies that are flowing now to the planet, to Mother Earth, to humanity and to you, the individual. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem. 
--Thank you very much Awareness. --
That this Awareness is complete at this time. 

Thank you. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Psychology, Conspiracy, Tyranny, Interview. Michael Tsarion, Red Ice

   Great video interview on Red Ice with Michael Tsarion

(38:33 of Third video.)
M.T.: Do you know what the original Mysterium is? Man’s false concept of his own identity. That is the Mysterium. In other words, the ego is the Mysterium, the Mysterium is ego. Or if people find that hard to understand, lets just imagine that the two things arose at the same time, they both have the same date of birth. Meaning, that when the ego was created, from trauma, the Mysterium also arose with it. 

Red Ice: It’s kind of a side effect to it, right?

M.T.: I think of them as one. But if it’s convenient for people to think of them as two evil twins joined at the hip, then it serves the same analogy. Another way to look at it is this:  imagine that you have a mask. Remember the movie “Vanilla Sky”? Where the handsome protagonist ends up getting deformed and he has to wear a mask? That is actually a movie about the Mysterium. Or if you go watch the movie “Solaris”. There are many others I could mention that deal with these philosophical motifs. But after you’ve listened to this, people, viewers, maybe go back and watch that movie with philosophical eyes to see what’s being said.

     The Mysterium works precisely like a mask which you don’t know is a mask. But, a mask has two eyes. Imagine that one eye has a red filter on it, and the other eye has a white or a blue lense, whatever, crystal filter. When you have the mask on and you close one eye and look through the mask, you see reality through one coloured lense. When you close the other eye and look through the other eye, and the mask, which has a lense, you see it with blue. This is why you have a dualism where man cannot resolve whether matter is matter, or whether matter is mind. And this is in fact a Descartes, and of course, we’re leaving people behind here if they’re not familiar with philosophy, that’s just too bad because there’s no way of explaining it more clearly, the philosophers had this problem about whether matter exists, or whether mind exists. This is why they cannot resolve it, it’s the same thing you find, not only in the teachings of Descartes, where he couldn’t decide whether the world existed or he existed, it’s the same thing you’ll find in what’s called the ‘uncertainty principle of quantum science’ in which observation changes what you look at. Ok. So think of Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle with what I’m going to say next.

     Man himself is schizoid. Man himself is Mysterium possessed. Man himself wears the mask of the Mysterium and he’s constantly flitting between looking at creation and the meaning of life and reality, and with one eye open and one eye closed. Every time he looks through one eye, he sees the wave, and every time he looks through the other eye, he sees the pulse. When he looks through one eye, he sees the explicate order, and when he looks through the other eye, he sees the implicate order. When he looks through one eye, he sees black, and through the other one, he sees white. With this one he sees matter, with this one he sees mind. Until he REMOVES the mask and sees creation, sees reality, sees nature, as he actually is meant to see with his OWN senses, not one that has been superimposed upon his mind, he can never resolve these matters at all. He’ll just come up with different versions of the same thing. It’s just what the quantum scientists did. They thought they were probing into the depth of nature, only to come up with the same dichotomy again. Dualism is still standing him in the face, because they’re taking themselves WITH them where they go. As Nietzsche said, the only way for man to see reality as it really is, is to get man out of the way, get yourself out of the way and then you’ll see what it is.


So what was the tragedy which occurred to Mankind? Who inserted that mask, that foreign installation into his mind which works like a mask over his viewing capabilities? Who? Who, who? And if, who ever, could there be something beneficial in it? Or is it all corrupt and just needs to be discarded? by taking a really close look within to view the machinations of the inner workings…

…which is what I’ve been doing a lot lately, and am finding some very interesting things.

Maybe Baby I Am CRAZY! ... But I Like It.

     What a great tune, and what a fun video. This next video is sure to delight. Hahaha...

Operatic Version.

Just a really good version.

Another great version.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Epics of Sumerian Kings. The Matter of Aratta

     "As to real time, as presented in the narratives, the three stories diverge. Obviously, the series of seven journeys undertaken by Enmerkar’s messenger in ELA, not to mention the caravan transporting Unug’s wheat to Aratta, must have taken some appreciable time, and the episode of manufacturing a scepter according to Aratta’s requirements is said to have taken a very long time—but this is debatable. In EE also one must reckon with some time for the bewitching of Unug’s cattle to take effect. On the other hand, both magic episodes happen very quickly; particularly the final one (i.e., the wizardry contest) is presented as being instantaneous, so that there is a marked distinction between real time and narrated time. Most interesting in this respect is the use of time in the Lugalbanda stories. The relation of the campaign starts off sedately and in strictly linear time, but then Lugalbanda’s tribulations, as revealed by a close reading of the text, take only three days (two nights) to elevate the hero from the deepest misery, indeed from the jaws of death, to the heights of his status as savior.  The practical effect of Lugalbanda’s exaltation to sainthood consists of impossible speed anyway: in a single day he travels from Aratta to Unug. Yet the situation of the army encircling Aratta specifically mentions that a long time has passed. Instead of regarding this as narrative clumsiness one might interpret the contradiction as pointing to an important difference between “natural” time and “supernatural” time. After all, the hero’s wanderings take place in a region that is not bound by the rules of physics. These regions may therefore be regarded as another kind of space also, and time seems to be relative to the kind of space one inhabits—and vice versa."  (Page 5)

The difference between 3rd dimensional and 4th dimensional space. Or, as the Cassiopaean's call it, Densities.
So, lately I've been experimenting with the different, how do you call it? You can't call it time, because I've found it is not the kind of time we here experience. There is a timelessness about it and things are constantly moving, changing, growing, expanding. It works with your own state of mind. When one is attuned to the 4th density, it is always on. So, my next step is to learn how to enter it even more, without disappearing from 3rd density. Of course, not the same as teleportation because it's not going from one physical place on 3rd density to another physical place on third density. It is more like hopping UP into another density, and experiencing both of them at the same time....like I was talking about in my other blog, about the space between rainbow colours. It may be a little space, or place, but in it, one can see both of them from this side to that side. One step at a time. I really like the fourth density. Nice place. All kinds of interesting beings there. So is this where the elementals and elements are at? I'll find out.

“There is significant modern literature as to its possible location; the consensus seems to be that it was a region somewhere in central Iran and had an important role in the lapis lazuli trade. Yet for the understanding of our stories this seems totally irrelevant. Aratta belongs to what Michalowski felicitously called mental geography and will never be found on any “real” map. It is known outside the cycle, but the relationship of the rare and stray mentions of Aratta, if any, to the cycle is limited to the use of the term to indicate anything that is proverbially rich or sumptuous—and unknown. The same consideration applies to the intervening wilderness: although the stories give some points of reference to actual places, these seem to be irrelevant to the story as such. “

Well so far, I've seen or heard, these beings that I already know about; lizard beings, big-foots, fairys, all kinds of shapeshifting demon like beings, with beautiful eyes, oh my goodness, you should see those eyes. Totally awesome. So much beauty over there, it's difficult to look! You have to have purity to go over there. It's like shedding the human skin, haha. What don Juan talked about. Same stuff. They were talking about a slit in the sky, or something like that. But really all it is, is a certain perspective, and once you have it, then you're over there. It's so cool! I love it! I just have to make sure that I'm anchored here, so I can check it out first. It's kinda 'heady' over there...like really light stuff...you know? Like ouch! Boy that human skin sure has a lot of density in it. Anyway, it's all good. Great learning ground.

It's like don Juan the sorcerer from the Carlos Castaneda books said. Once  you have found your true self, it is very delicate, vulnerable and shy of everything. So the thing would be to get used to things and strengthen up a bit. But I also found that, what you think, decides what appears in that world. So when you stay gentle and innocent, then you get to see it for what it is. When you insert any negative, then it (the scene) also changes to suit that aspect of thought. That's why they teach to "know thyself," and to have a good control over your mind, such as stilling it, focusing it. This is the best adventure I ever had. Haha. Picking up from where I left off at age 17. Now I have more knowledge of that place, so it's better. The Cassiopaean's say that you have to know someone on the other side before you can pop in and then pop out. I don't know about that stuff yet. I'll just have to get to know some of those beings. I especially like those Sasquatch beings. They're so awesome. Very pure. They have the coolest voices. I bet they would make awesome musicians. They're really nice beings.

Here is an excerpt from Zhuan Falun Volume II, by Li Hongzhi  It tells about the true self versus the false self.

"Buddha Nature
A notion, once formed, will control you for the duration of your life, influencing your thinking and even the full gamut of emotions, such as your happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy. It is formed postnatally. If this thing persists for some time, it will become part of a person’s thinking, melding into the brain of that person’s true self, at which point it will shape his temperament.

The notions that are developed will obstruct and control a person for the remainder of his life. A human notion is usually selfish—or worse—and thus generates thought karma which, in turn, controls the person. A human being is to be governed by his master soul (zhu yuan-shen). When your master soul becomes lax and is replaced by notions, you have unconditionally surrendered, and your life is now under their control.

The self that is you is the innate self, and it does not change. But a human being tends to easily form notions when perceiving things, and that notion is not you. If you can manage not to form any notions, when you look at something you will have the perception of your own kind, innate nature—the view of the true you—and look at the matter charitably. The more the true you comes to the fore, the higher your plane of thought is and the closer your thoughts are to being True, and thus the greater the extent to which your thoughts embody the realm of your innate, kind nature. The extremely, extremely microscopic particles that comprise the human body make up the nature of a human being, something that never changes. When the boundaries that confine a person’s thinking are removed, man’s kind disposition, temperament, character, and traits become readily apparent, and that is the true you.

The master soul will not change on account of the person having developed a notion. The master soul will not change its intrinsic qualities on account of the notion that the person developed. It can however be the case that, owing to various human notions and forms of karma, a person’s innate nature is buried, covered up, fully encased, and unable to shine through. But it will not change. That is because karma does not have matter as fine or as tiny as that in it. Karma is produced among ordinary human beings, so it is a substance of ordinary man. It’s not possible for that material to be so microcosmic, whereas when the life of a human being is created, extremely microcosmic substances are used. That is why karma cannot penetrate it. It is merely that the person’s original nature has been buried. One’s original nature has its own way of looking at things. If you can truly remove the notions formed after birth and recover the perception of your original nature, that will be where you came from, the earliest notion that you formed—that is, the notion you had at the place where you were first created. But it is very hard to vanquish thinking and notions acquired after birth, for that is what cultivation is all about.

The Fa has different manifestations at different levels. At a certain level, it has its manifestations at that level. If you are a being born at that level, your thinking is going to mirror the notions of the Fa at that level. When your true original nature returns, that will be the level at which you will grasp things, and that standard is you, yourself.

Karma doesn’t have the standard Zhen Shan Ren; it evaluates things according to the standard held at the time when notions were formed. It may turn a person into what ordinary people call a “cunning fellow” or “worldly” person. When this happens, it is a case of different forms of thought-karma produced as a person cultivates acting up, and they will impede cultivation. If people were not impeded by karma, cultivation would be easy. Karma such as this was formed under specific circumstances and in the context of the moral standards of the past few years, so it evaluates things in light of those standards. If large amounts of this material are formed, the person will be under its sway for the rest of his life. When the notion that was developed thinks that something is good or bad, that person will think so as well and think that things should be done accordingly. But his real self no longer exists. His real self is completely encased and smothered by his unkind, acquired notions. He no longer has his own, true standard for telling good from bad.

A notion is formed inside the brain’s thoughts, and the thought karma generated by a notion is a cluster of karma that takes shape atop a person’s head. What about a kind thought (shan nian), then? Shakyamuni’s school has taught that the mere starting of a thought means karma. And in fact, what is referred to as a “kind thought” is seen to be otherwise if measured with a higher standard, or against the requirements of the higher standard of Zhen Shan Ren.

This means that an ordinary person who inhabits this world cannot find himself. And such a notion controls a person for not just one lifetime, but continually onward. Only when a change takes place will it be eliminated. Failing that, it will continue to exert control. When the notion gets progressively stronger, the person’s real self will truly cease to exist. It is now said that the karma is piled up layer after layer. And it has indeed reached that point. Just look at ordinary people. They know not what they spend their days on, nor for what they live!

People have different spiritual potentials (gen-ji) and powers of insight (wu-xing). That’s the idea. Some persons can come to realize these things, which means the person’s Buddha nature can be recovered, and there is still hope for him. Some persons cannot realize them, however, and that means that he is buried too deeply in acquired ways of thinking. There is no hope for him, in that case."


So, in other words, if you read my words up top this, and you judged the Lizard or the Big Foot or the Demons to be something bad, then that is the false self because you were taught that stuff when you were growing up, and therefore attached feelings of fear or repulsion or anything of that sort to it, so you won't be able to see it for what it is when you look at it. In order to reach your true self you have to rid yourself of all that you were taught, like don Juan said, you have to discard the "human" before you can reach the higher self. So we're basically stuck in this human way of perceiving, and that keeps us situated on 3rd level, and prevents us from going up into the other higher levels, such as 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th. Therefore, it's a really good exercise to meditate every day on who you really are, versus all that unnecessary stuff you picked up while in this 3rd density.

I have noticed that there is an edginess to this human way of being, which obviously was instilled by the reacting to all kinds of competition, rude criticism, the unthinking ways of others who just dump their garbage on each other, so you develop these self-protective coatings and then you generally lose touch with what your true self is, under all those defensive coatings. When you find your true self, you recognize all this to be a stranger to your self. It seems to be that it's all programmed into your physical structure and  you can look at it going on in your body, in the thoughts of your mind. That is when you must begin to remove all those things. That is what Li Honzhi means when he says "cultivating." So when I noticed this angry like attitude when I lay down, I wondered where the heck was that coming from. That is when I realized I had allowed that to be programmed in me in order to deal with the surrounding humanity who were just the same. But to get out of this 3rd density, one must recognize all that as refuse, and begin to remove it. Just like Carlos Castaneda was told to "recapitulate." Same as "cultivating." So there are many ways of doing things, not just one way. All that is required is fine tuning into your true self and observing everything that presents itself, and then by being aware of it, one can eliminate it. Just stick with it, and it cleans up.

"When the notion that was developed thinks that something is good or bad, that person will think so as well and think that things should be done accordingly. But his real self no longer exists. His real self is completely encased and smothered by his unkind, acquired notions. He no longer has his own, true standard for telling good from bad."

It's like don Juan said. They gave us their mind. The predators gave us their mind, and when their mind says something, it agrees with itself, and therefore they have no one to disagree with them. But when you're paying attention to all of this, you separate yourself from that way of thinking, and observe. That's how you find your true self again.

“The Predator of Man”

Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Macro-Cosmic Orbit

      The root of evil is ignorance. Look at the world around you. Can you delve so deep? Can you see these things? Can you teach this stuff Li Honzhi teaches? I don't think so. There are hardly any out there that you can hold a conversation with about serious matters. It's only dumb and dumber is what they all seem to want, and more and more of it. Well fuck you. Beat it! This is only for those who use their minds.

This is a gift to the Crystal Children.

Here's the excerpt, from the same link below this post:

      "Daoist practices have always
thought of the human body as a universe, so if it really is a universe, then the distance
from your forehead to the pineal gland is going to be thousands of miles. Go ahead and
sprint out, it’s far.

When the Macro-Cosmic Orbit is opened up all the way while a person is cultivating,
it gives him a type of ability. And which ability is that? You know, the Macro-Cosmic
Orbit is also called the Meridian Cosmic Orbit, or Heaven and Earth Revolving, or, River
Vessel Turning. At a very shallow level the turning of the Macro-Cosmic Orbit creates an
energy flow. It gradually increases in its density and progresses toward higher levels in
its form, and it turns into a belt of high-density energy. And the energy belt goes around
and around. As it’s in the process of going around, if you use your Third Eye to look at it
at a really low level you’ll discover that it can make the qi inside the body change
positions—the heart qi goes over to the intestines, the liver qi goes to the stomach, and so
on. And in the microcosm, you can see that what it moves are large things. If the energy
belt is thrust outside the body, it’s the ability of telekinesis. People with powerful gong
can move big things, and that’s Greater Telekinesis. People with weaker gong can move
small things, and that’s Lesser Telekinesis. That’s what the ability of telekinesis is like
and how it’s formed.

Once the Macro-Cosmic Orbit starts revolving you’re doing cultivation. And it can
bring about different cultivation states and different forms of gong. It can bring us a
unique cultivation state, too. And what’s the state? Maybe you’ve read in some of the
ancient books, like Legends of Immortals, The Book of Elixir, Daoist Canon, or Guide to
Nature and Longevity, where they talk about something called “levitating in broad
daylight.” It’s about a person flying up into the air in broad daylight. I can tell you that a
person can actually levitate as soon as his Macro-Cosmic Orbit is opened. It’s that
simple. Maybe some folks are thinking, “People have been cultivating for so many years,
you’d think there’d be tons of people who had opened their Macro-Cosmic Orbits by
now.” I’d say it’s not unrealistic to say tens of thousands of people can reach that stage.
That’s because the Macro-Cosmic Orbit is really just the very first step of cultivation."

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Advanced Science & Physics.

     Now this is more like it. It is no wonder I get bored with society and the way things are, the way people behave and think. Because it's the caveman time! And yet they think they're advanced. Their morals are shot to smithereens, they worship things, let alone worship, and hate one another for the smallest most ridiculous things, and they don't even attempt to understand one another. It's always one competition after another of who's better than who. Hahaha! It's so infantile and without thought.

Here's an excerpt from Falun Dafa:

Zhuan Falun, Turning The Law Wheel by Li Hongzhi

     "Ancient China’s science was different from the science we’ve learned from the West
in modern times. It took a different path and could bring about a different scenario. So we
can’t use our current ways of understanding things to understand ancient China’s science
and technology, because it focused on the human body, life, and the universe, they
studied these things directly, so it took a different path. Back then school students put
value in meditation, they emphasized good posture in sitting, and it was considered
important to control the breathing and direct qi when they picked up their brush-pens.
People in every line of work made a practice of clearing the mind and adjusting the
breathing, and the whole society went by that.

Some people say, “If we’d taken the path of ancient China’s science, would we have
the automobiles and trains we’ve got today? Would we be as modernized as we are
today?” I’d say that you shouldn’t try to understand another way of life from the
perspective of this environment. Your thinking and concepts need to undergo a
revolution. Without TVs, people would have their own in their foreheads, and they could
see whatever they wanted. They’d also have abilities. Without trains or automobiles,
people would be able to sit there and levitate, and they wouldn’t even need elevators. It
would bring about a situation in which society developed differently, and it wouldn’t
necessarily be limited to that framework. The flying saucers of alien beings travel back
and forth incredibly fast, and they can become large or small. The route they’ve taken is
even more different, and that’s yet another scientific method."


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Spirit The Engine, Soul The Emotion, Body The Expression.

   Time & The Inner Chronology by Michael Tsarion

     "As we stated earlier, the zodiac is not out there in space. It exists within. Each person is a
living breathing zodiac. Exoteric astrologers imagine that the movement of the planets and
luminaries make prediction possible. This idea has no factual basis. Moreover, conventional
astrological systems are very paraphernalia oriented. The Tarotscopic system is esoteric in
nature and does not rely on compasses, protractors, computer programs and complex
astronomical charts. Astrology must be based on psychology, not astronomy and
trigonometry. If we foolishly believe in an outer zodiac or in rocks in space affecting
consciousness and destiny palava, then by definition we also endorse the preposterous
concept of predetermination, which posits that we have no free choice. The ancient adepts
never taught such nonsense despite what so-called experts say. The high arts of divination
were not originally based on fallacies of this kind. The Magi knew that man is not a passive
actor in the theatre of the universe operating in accordance to a pre-written, unchanging
script....after all, what does consciousness have to do with physical time? What does it have
to do with distance, space, or speed? Each of these phenomena are projections of ego
consciousness. They are applicable to physical objects and our perception of the material
world. They have nothing to do with the mental and spiritual dimensions of being.

     Do our dreams occupy a space? Do they take time to cover a distance? Do they come and
go at different speeds? Does thought operate according to these four principles? Can
thoughts be timed in any practical or useful way? For example, if we suddenly take it into our
minds to think of a running horse, we can see that the image and idea of the animal enters our
minds instantly. We did not have to wait for the thought to arise, as we would have to wait for
a physical horse to appear before us. Moreover, a physical horse would have to be transported
over a specific quantifiable distance. It would inhabit a space, and be brought to us at a
certain speed. Nothing of this kind occurs in the realm of thought. It certainly does not occur
with the unconscious processes.

     Once we think of someone or something, the image is there instantly. It appears magically,
as it were. In this context, knowing is instantaneous, it is beyond the realm of time, no muscle
or machine is required for the mind of man to think or recall a horse, a tree, or a past memory.
The mind is not a filing cabinet data bank or computer in the accepted sense. The human
mind's concepts of its own workings is largely delusional due to centuries of miseducation
and conditioning. Our ideas about our own minds, bodies, and souls, are artificial and
irrational because of perpetual indoctrination. Our ideas of astrology are equally delusional.
Astrology has been erroneously based on abstract constructs that have no psychological
relevance whatsoever. Although many astrologers use the words archetypal, spiritual, or
psychological, their writings often show they have little idea of what these words really mean.
The charts they create by means of a phemorie, astronomical computer programs and so on,
show that they're not working with true astrology at all. It shows that their notion of the
zodiac and divination are delusional. As the philosopher Nietzsche wrote, "as long as you still
experience the stars as something above your head, you lack the eye of knowledge." Once we
understand the wisdom of this statement, we can create, or re-create a truly archetypal
astrological divination system.

     First we must take a closer look at "time," and realize that there are in fact three kinds of
time. There is clock time measured by a clock or watch, there is seasonal time measured by a
calendar, and there is psychological time; this kind of time is different than the physical kinds
of time, and it's measured by the zodiac. However, we do not mean the zodiac out there in
space. The zodiac we refer to is also psychological, or psychic in nature. It is the inner zodiac,
it is the living oracle within every man and woman. Of course, the first two types of time are
well known, in fact we're all veritable slaves to them, they're certainly not doubted. But the
lost truth is that, these first two forms of time originate from the third. This is why they all
feature twelve divisions --twelve hours, twelve seasons, and twelve signs. To adhere to the
first two forms of time and ignore the third, is sheer insanity. It is responsible for the disorder
and disempowerment so prevalent in the world. Imagine living for a week or a month without
your watch or calendar. Give it a try and see what happens. Your life will be in disarray. Now
magnify this to the soul level, and see the predicament of the psyche. There, it is afloat on the
ocean of existence, lost in the labyrinths of matter without a thread. The Universal
Intelligence did not intend our lives to be this way. It gave us the means to navigate safely
through each and every sea and storm of life. Therefore, we will do well to bring the high arts
of divination into our lives, because they are the compasses and charts we have been missing."

      Changing The Timeline of Our Destiny by Ramtha

     "Do you know that the Great Work --and that what you are learning is the Great Work--
that the line between the limited human and the fully realized master is so thin. What makes it
thick is the human's concept of its own tortured reality and the boundaries it has set upon
itself and the destiny that is created because of those boundaries. The Great Work is about
freeing the Spirit from the personality prison. But unto God it is a quickening that happens
straightaway. When you laid down this monkey-mind (the swinging fickle mind of the
personality), and put God first --instead of body, instead of habits, instead of fears,
insecurities and worries-- when you put God first, then the Spirit is able to resonate very far
from the body and be caught up, caught up. Now the spiritual resurrection is likened unto
being caught up. Unless you have this quickening and this release, you are not going to get
out of your body when we come to that work about rolling out and coming with me -- you
are not going to be able to do it because the spiritual power, which is the eternalness of you,
has to be loosened.

     Now who loosens that? It is you. You, when you say simply "God first, the glory of my
Spirit comes first, and that is the most important thing. It is more important than my body's
discomfort, my body's senses. It is more important than my memories. It is more important
than my pain. It is more important than my mental suffering." If God comes first, then we
have a rapture of the Spirit that takes place. And the quickening is the loosening of the
spiritual mind.

     Remember I taught you at your first event about who you were in the contemplation of the
Void and that great Fall, the creation into the plane of matter down here, and that no matter
what happens to the body as a garment that you wear, that this entity, the spiritual self which
you are, which is listening to me this very moment, will always live. It always has; always
will. When we learn in a lifetime to loosen it from the body, then we are able to do the
miraculous. We are able to exist on multiple planes and integrate multiple planes to the here
and now.

     When our Spirit can languor on the fourth plane, when we free it to go there, then it brings
with its vibration, like a tuning fork, all the way down to the base of its handle, the body, all
the fruits of its exploration: healing, miraculous recovery, the manifestation of whatsoever
the body needs, your desires, a quickening of reality, because you are at the top of the tuning
fork. You are the one that is resonating the thought on the lofty plane and it is coming all the
way back down here to the body.

     Now that is a quickening. That is so simple to have occurred anywhere you are. What is
difficult and arduous about you is your insistence on declaring your self-status. Whether it is
in pain, suffering, hunger, uncomfortableness, needing to get up and take a walk, when you
break and come back to the body, then you suck back down into it your spiritual power.

     Now today so many of you who are so sincere about this -- and you are not fanatics; you
are just what I like -- there is a realism and yet a tenacity about you that this is what you want
more than anything else. And you do not flip out into a silly demonstration of what you think
ecstasy is because you think by doing that, that it will promote the Spirit. No, that doesn't. The
ones I am talking to are those focused entities in here who love God, love it more than
anything else, and apply it to the height of their being without pretending, without fantasizing,
just doing the work. You my beloved people, are the masters that are awakening. And so thin
is this veil between the human and the God, that when you release your spiritual self, that veil
will disappear and you will roll out of that body and you will be in those dynamic planes. You
will know what it is to have a common thought about a manifestation. You will understand
the common power of it, that the Spirit is not emotional; it is the engine of creation, that
creation comes from its thought, and from its body forms destiny.

     So Spirit is not only that which is termed the thought, the exquisite mind. Its body lays
down to promote the reality to which the human will walk upon in fulfilling its destiny. That
spiritual creature is the ultimate desire in waking up to in a physical body. That is the makings
of a Christ. That is what we want to learn here. And it is so simple and it is so close. The work
I am having you do, for those of you who do the work, that work is designed in code to bring
about spiritual power in common thought. Think about this. It is only the soul that is ever
bruised. When the soul is bruised, the bruising is the pain that the body resonates. The soul
sends out the frequency of the bruise, and the body becomes damaged. Well, that bruising is
endeavoring to be fulfilled from the Plane of Bliss in this incarnation. But the Spirit, the
Spirit is not emotional. That is why common thought coming out of your mouth, those things
that you think and that you say that just usher forth from you, are so powerful, that that is
how the Spirit talks. And when you understand to speak as a Spirit is to speak, in common
thought, that it already is, then you will understand the power of what I am endeavoring to
induce to you.

     And today on the field, many of you got it, you understood it, and how quick did that card
come into your hand. If you did that on the field, what is it to prevent you from doing it at
work when you go back home? What prevents you from making your day a field? It is your
work. You get up in the morning, you create the manifestation you want to happen that day at
your workplace. There is no difference. And the same spiritual power will do its work no
matter where you are, because obviously there is no discipline designed here that you are not
supposed to not incorporate anywhere else. The field is life; it is your life. The labyrinth is the
myriad of circles that you run around in, never finding the Void when you are that far from it.
You are to take this home with you and to live it.

     Now if you left here tomorrow morning and embarked on your life, and if you had created
your life in the morning, tomorrow morning, and said, "This day is Fieldwork," and that
whatever you wanted to have happen that day, don't you know that you would be winding
through the path to make that card manifest, that desire to manifest, and that can happen every
day of your life. And that when you say, "Remember common thought, remember common
thought" --and no matter how confusing, how stressful the environment that you are in, no
matter how cluttered the stressful thoughts are around you -- if you can stand up and in one
moment say, "We will have peace," not loud and not angry, no emotion, just law, it will

     You have been taught to be caught up in the whirlwind of confusion, that the moment it is
in your vicinity you become confused; when someon is stressed out, you become stressed out.
And it is almost as if being confused is a popular ethic. There is nothing you have to be
confused about people, there never was, because you have the power to still the confusion for
the options of truth to come up for you. All you have to do is exercise them and stop
following the herd every day."



"You will understand the common power of it, that the Spirit is not emotional; it is the engine of creation, that creation comes from its thought, and from its body forms destiny.
So Spirit is not only that which is termed the thought, the exquisite mind. Its body lays
down to promote the reality to which the human will walk upon in fulfilling its destiny."

#6. How Does It Work, by Michael Tsarion

"Basically the Tarot works in the same manner as a common thermometer.
When you go to the doctor, he pulls your records and pops a thermometer in your mouth. You
give him an opinion about your malady and hopefully the correct diagnosis will be made.
It's somewhat the same situation when you have a reading. Your record is your horoscope or
spread. The chart or cards take the temperature of your psyche, so to speak, that is, of the
emotions and the unconscious mind. The ancient adepts were in effect, the first behaviorists
or depth psychologists; had they been given a free voice, our world and our societies would
be free of many repellant elements. The adepts and diviners knew that the stars have no power
over our consciousness and destiny. They knew that we contain within us, an inner zodiac. Or,
what might be called, a living Oracle. They knew that this oracle could be accessed by way of
symbols, and that in turn communicates back to us, back with the conscious mind by way of
symbols. This is why the ancient adepts of Ireland, Scandinavia, and Egypt made extensive use
of mandalas, hierograms, talismans and sigils. It is also the reason why the Jewish
commandments forbade the making of graven images.... Yes, the man in touch with his inner
guides cannot easily be dominated and indoctrinated. This is why the establishment has
forcibly made "words" more important than symbols."



 "Think about this. It is only the soul that is ever bruised. When the soul is bruised, the bruising is the pain that the body resonates. The soul sends out the frequency of the bruise, and the body becomes damaged. Well, that bruising is endeavoring to be fulfilled from the Plane of Bliss in this incarnation. But the Spirit, the Spirit is not emotional."

#1 Introduction by Michael Tsarion

"They introduce us to our authentic life path, our Dharma, and help us to see through the illusions that plague inauthentic, or karmic modes of existence."

   (sort of like when Sophia fell into this place and started going 'oh no, what did I do? I made a mistake, boohoo,' and that's where karma started..... when in fact it could have been dealt with a lot easier. Love is forgiveness when a being realizes something they've done and already have repented within themselves by feeling bad, and desiring to rectify already! YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO ON FOREVER WITH FEELING GUILTY ETC. That's what karma is. An illusion draaaagged along.)

Friday, July 17, 2015

PSYCHOSIS: Do You Really Know What That Word Means?

       Psychosis --noun: psychosis; plural noun: psychoses -
a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality.

First of all, one must be able to see external reality. Imagine that, not only does one have to be able to see external reality, one also has to be able to see internal reality.

And reality is: What IS.

Not what you fantasize, but what IS. And what IS, takes some amount of observing.

Think of the complexity in that one word. Go around down town, up town, in the country, meet all those folks, and begin to find out what psychosis is. How many are impaired in clearly seeing what reality is?

I was thinking this morning when I woke up about how those Jewish people were controlled, (taught? I don't think so, mind manipulated) to think the Torah is their religion and that it is perfectly fine to go and maim and kill others who are not in the same teachings as you are being taught in. So instead of using their own mind, recognizing that this is entirely wrong, they just jump gung-ho into these mind controlled teachings and perform them every chance they get, without thinking of the consequences on their own personal existence. They figure they're a group, and just because it seems like they have a bunch of others doing it, they think that in fact makes it ok, or even right. And once they don't  have that group around them in which to cushion or buffer them with, they find themselves alone.

Ask yourselves. What is reality? Are you living under a psychosis?

Here's what Li Hongzhi teacher of the Zhuan Falun has to say about "psychosis."

"Then there’s another scenario, which is that some people develop psychosis, and
other people say they’ve got qigong-induced psychosis. And would you believe, some
people are even waiting for me to treat their psychosis! I say that psychosis isn’t a health
problem, and I don’t have time to go and take care of those things. Why is that? It’s
because a psychotic person doesn’t have any virus, and he doesn’t have any pathological
changes or ulcers in his body. In my view, it’s not a health problem. Psychosis is when a
person’s master consciousness is too weak. And just how weak? It’s as if the guy can’t
ever take charge of himself—that’s what a psychotic person’s master soul is like. He
doesn’t want to be in command of this body anymore, and he’s always foggy-headed and
can’t stay alert. When this happens his subordinate consciousness and external messages
come and interfere with him. Every dimension has so many levels, and all kinds of
messages interfere with him. And a person’s master soul might have done some bad
things before this lifetime, and he might have creditors who want to harm him. All kinds
of things can happen. We say that this is what psychosis is about. How could I treat it for
you then? I’d say that this is really how people develop psychosis. So what do you do
about it? Educate him, and get him to snap out of it. But that’s very hard to do. If you
watch, when the doctor in a mental hospital is about to administer an electric shock, the
psychotic person immediately gets so scared that he stops mumbling nonsense. And why
is that? At that moment his master soul perks up, and he’s afraid of getting shocked."

Monday, July 13, 2015

Oh My Gawd. Disgusting Jews, Zionists, Wtf ever they call themselves.....

    This is so ugly, so disgusting, I'm having a hard time putting it into a blog. I just don't like to open up my site and see this stuff and read it. I guess I'm a little bit of a softie. So, thank goodness for really strong types like Michael Tsarion, who Can put this on his site. So I'll just direct you to his site, and you take a look at it and tell me what you think. Except I'll get you started. Here's the first video on that page, which is really funny in the beginning. But after that, there's nothing funny anymore.

Here is Michael Tsarion's Link to His Page

Here's that first video

One down, one to go. Another down, another to go....on and on until it's aaaaall cleaned up!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

System Of A Down. Yes,

      Chop Suey.

You know, it might be hard to fight against angels when they sound so ucking good, oh my.

When aingels diserve to die. hahaha.
I'mnotinterested, I just want your body, your body, don't talk, don't tALK, BABY DONT TAAAAAAAAAAAALK. Body language.
2:00AM 7/15/2015
I gotta "make up" for the things I did before. So, here isssss.......
 OH and here's a cool tune!