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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Mary Magdalene Gospel

Here at the Gnostic Society Library in "The Gospel According to Mary Magdalene," we have one interpretation.

Chapter 4
(Pages 1 to 6 of the manuscript, containing chapters 1 - 3, are lost.  The extant text starts on page 7...)
. . . Will matter then be destroyed or not?
22) The Savior said, All nature, all formations, all creatures exist in and with one another, and they will be resolved again into their own roots.
23) For the nature of matter is resolved into the roots of its own nature alone.
24) He who has ears to hear, let him hear.
25) Peter said to him, Since you have explained everything to us, tell us this also: What is the sin of the world?
26) The Savior said There is no sin, but it is you who make sin when you do the things that are like the nature of adultery, which is called sin.
27) That is why the Good came into your midst, to the essence of every nature in order to restore it to its root.
28) Then He continued and said, That is why you become sick and die, for you are deprived of the one who can heal you.
29) He who has a mind to understand, let him understand.
30) Matter gave birth to a passion that has no equal, which proceeded from something contrary to nature. Then there arises a disturbance in its whole body.
31) That is why I said to you, Be of good courage, and if you are discouraged be encouraged in the presence of the different forms of nature.
32) He who has ears to hear, let him hear.
33) When the Blessed One had said this, He greeted them all,saying, Peace be with you. Receive my peace unto yourselves.
34) Beware that no one lead you astray saying Lo here or lo there! For the Son of Man is within you.
35) Follow after Him!
36) Those who seek Him will find Him.
37) Go then and preach the gospel of the Kingdom.
38) Do not lay down any rules beyond what I appointed you, and do not give a law like the lawgiver lest you be constrained by it.

39) When He said this He departed.


Chapter 8:
. . . it.
10) And desire said, I did not see you descending, but now I see you ascending. Why do you lie since you belong to me?
11) The soul answered and said, I saw you. You did not see me nor recognize me. I served you as a garment and you did not know me.
12) When it said this, it (the soul) went away rejoicing greatly.
13) Again it came to the third power, which is called ignorance.
14) The power questioned the soul, saying, Where are you going? In wickedness are you bound. But you are bound; do not judge!
15) And the soul said, Why do you judge me, although I have not judged?
16) I was bound, though I have not bound.
17) I was not recognized. But I have recognized that the All is being dissolved, both the earthly things and the heavenly.
18) When the soul had overcome the third power, it went upwards and saw the fourth power, which took seven forms.
19) The first form is darkness, the second desire, the third ignorance, the fourth is the excitement of death, the fifth is the kingdom of the flesh, the sixth is the foolish wisdom of flesh, the seventh is the wrathful wisdom. These are the seven powers of wrath.
20) They asked the soul, Whence do you come slayer of men, or where are you going, conqueror of space?
21) The soul answered and said, What binds me has been slain, and what turns me about has been overcome,
22) and my desire has been ended, and ignorance has died.
23) In a aeon I was released from a world, and in a Type from a type, and from the fetter of oblivion which is transient.

24) From this time on will I attain to the rest of the time, of the season, of the aeon, in silence.

But in this place, "Gospel of Mary of Magdala," we have a slightly different interpretation, which helps one to understand deeper the true meanings.

Note: Square brackets in the translation indicate that a gap exists in the manuscript where writing once existed; the text within the brackets has been restored by scholars.
Pages 1-6 are missing.
     "… Will m[a]tter then be utterly [destr]oyed or not?"
     The Savior replied, "Every nature, every modeled form, every creature, exists in and with each other. They will dissolve again into their own proper root. For the nature of matter is dissolved into what belongs to its nature. Anyone with two ears able to hear should listen!"
Then Peter said to him, "You have been explaining every topic to us; tell us one other thing. What is the sin of the world?"
     The Savior replied, "There is no such thing as sin; rather you yourselves are what produces sin when you act in accordance with the nature of adultery, which is called 'sin.' For this reason, the Good came among you, pursuing (the good) which belongs to every nature. It will set it within its root."
     Then he continued. He said, "This is why you get si[c]k and die: because [you love] what de[c]ei[ve]s [you]. [Anyone who] thinks should consider (these matters)!
     "[Ma]tter gav[e bi]rth to a passion which has no Image because it derives from what is contrary to nature. A disturbing confusion then occurred in the whole body. That is why I told you, 'Become content at heart, while also remaining discontent and disobedient; indeed become contented and agreeable (only) in the presence of that other Image of nature.' Anyone with two ears capable of hearing should listen!"
     When the Blessed One had said these things, he greeted them all. "Peace be with you!" he said. "Acquire my peace within yourselves!
     "Be on your guard so that no one deceives you by saying, 'Look over here!' or 'Look over there!' For the child of true Humanity exists within you. Follow it! Those who search for it will find it. 
     "Go then, preac[h] the good news about the Realm. [Do] not lay down any rule beyond what I determined for you, nor promulgate law like the lawgiver, or else you might be dominated by it."
After he had said these things, he departed from them.
     But they were distressed and wept greatly. "How are we going to go out to the rest of the world to announce the good news about the Realm of the child of true Humanity?" they said. "If they did not spare him, how will they spare us?"
     Then Mary stood up. She greeted them all, addressing her brothers and sisters, "Do not weep and be distressed nor let your hearts be irresolute. For his grace will be with you all and will shelter you. Rather we should praise his greatness, for he has prepared us and made us true Human beings."
      When Mary had said these things, she turned their heart [to]ward the Good, and they began to deba[t]e about the wor[d]s of [the Savior].
     Peter said to Mary, "Sister, we know that the Savior loved you more than all other women. Tell us the words of the Savior that you remember, the things which you know that we don't because we haven't heard them."
     Mary responded, "I will teach you about what is hidden from you." And she began to speak these words to them.
     She said, "I saw the Lord in a vision and I said to him, 'Lord, I saw you today in a vision.'
He answered me, 'How wonderful you are for not wavering at seeing me! For where the mind is, there is the treasure.'
     I said to him, 'So now, Lord, does a person who sees a vision see it <with> the soul <or> with the spirit?'
     The Savior answered, 'A person does not see with the soul or with the spirit. 'Rather the mind, which exists between these two, sees the vision an[d] that is w[hat … ]'
(Pages 11-14 are missing.)
     " '… it.'
     "And Desire said, 'I did not see you go down, yet now I see you go up. So why do you lie since you belong to me?'
     "The soul answered, 'I saw you. You did not see me nor did you know me. You (mis)took the garment (I wore) for my (true) self. And you did not recognize me.'
     "After it had said these things, it left rejoicing greatly.
     "Again, it came to the third Power, which is called 'Ignorance.' [It] examined the soul closely, saying, 'Where are you going? You are bound by wickedness. Indeed you are bound! Do not judge!'
     "And the soul said, 'Why do you judge me, since I have not passed judgement? I have been bound, but I have not bound (anything). They did not recognize me, but I have recognized that the universe is to be dissolved, both the things of earth and those of heaven.'
     "When the soul had brought the third Power to naught, it went upward and saw the fourth Power. It had seven forms. The first form is darkness; the second is desire; the third is ignorance; the fourth is zeal for death; the fifth is the realm of the flesh; the sixth is the foolish wisdom of the flesh; the seventh is the wisdom of the wrathful person. These are the seven Powers of Wrath.
     "They interrogated the soul, 'Where are you coming from, human-killer, and where are you going, space-conqueror?'
     "The soul replied, saying, 'What binds me has been slain, and what surrounds me has been destroyed, and my desire has been brought to an end, and ignorance has died. In a [wor]ld, I was set loose from a world [an]d in a type, from a type which is above, and (from) the chain of forgetfulness which exists in time. From this hour on, for the time of the due season of the aeon, I will receive rest i[n] silence.' " 
     After Mary had said these things, she was silent, since it was up to this point that the Savior had spoken to her.
     Andrew responded, addressing the brothers and sisters, "Say what you will about the things she has said, but I do not believe that the S[a]vior said these things, f[or] indeed these teachings are strange ideas."
     Peter responded, bringing up similar concerns. He questioned them about the Savior: "Did he, then, speak with a woman in private without our knowing about it? Are we to turn around and listen to her? Did he choose her over us?"
     Then [M]ary wept and said to Peter, "My brother Peter, what are you imagining? Do you think that I have thought up these things by myself in my heart or that I am telling lies about the Savior?"
Levi answered, speaking to Peter, "Peter, you have always been a wrathful person. Now I see you contending against the woman like the Adversaries. For if the Savior made her worthy, who are you then for your part to reject her? Assuredly the Savior's knowledge of her is completely reliable. That is why he loved her more than us.
     "Rather we should be ashamed. We should clothe ourselves with the perfect Human, acquire it for ourselves as he commanded us, and announce the good news, not laying down any other rule or law that differs from what the Savior said."
     After [he had said these] things, they started going out [to] teach and to preach.

[The Gos]pel according to Mary

Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Magic of Music.

The Best of Paganini.

JD writes, “Current research shows a short-term, fifteen minute gain of IQ, an average of 9 points after listening to Mozart. What causes this?”

This Awareness indicates this has to do with the effect of the music on the brain in helping the brain into a kind of harmonious pattern seeking, or pattern familiarization mechanism. The brain becomes familiar with certain patterns. It exercises by way of listening to patterns in music, and the music is lively, which helps speed up the brain, and it is harmonious, which helps to relax the brain.
It is a kind of exercise for the brain so that gradually the brain becomes more orderly in its thinking processes. There are likely to be other forms of music, classical music especially, that will also have similar effects on the brain. However, there are also certain types of music that numb the brain, slow it down, and are likely to cause a drop in the IQ. These of course would be the more monotonous type of repetition and dull beating and rap-type music.

“Is listening to classics while pregnant or in infancy similarly beneficial?”

This is in the affirmative. Experiments have been done with plants whereby certain types of music were played and the plants responded by growing and budding and flowering, while other types of music played and the plants began to wilt, weaken and eventually die. Certain heavy metal music, music without harmony and without pattern, without any kind of melodious quality tends to weaken plants. Music that has a high harmonious value and quality, melodious in its expression, tends to give plants more energy. If you equate the effect music has on plants as likened to the effects on the human brain you will find a similarity in its effect on the plants and on the human brain, the intelligence of the human brain. 

This Awareness indicates also that dissonant music, music that is disharmonious and clashing, tends to tear down the aura and make it fuzzy, weak, and disturbed, and music that is harmonic and rhythmic in a melodious and harmonious manner will tend to strengthen and build upon the aura. Thus, if you have an entity that is ill, the entity’s aura may be torn down by very dissonant disruptive music and then rebuilt by very harmonious music and it will have an effect on helping to heal the entity’s sickness. For example, “The Rites of Spring” by Stravinsky, followed by the music of Mahler or Tchaikovsky, or Rachmaninoff can be of great value in helping to tear down the aura and then rebuild the aura.

We have a related question from MM, New York City. “On cable TV you see all kinds of weird irrational things, obviously alien manipulated. There is a lot of material that defies the brain and senses, music particularly. Yesterday I saw a music video where the image of a Draco and a Zeta were flashed for one second while the music played. It was very weird. There are bands like ‘Electronic I’, ‘Army of Lovers’, and ‘Pet Shop Boys’ that are very high tech and alien related. My question is that, in most occult western esoteric traditions pop music is said to destroy the chakras and soul, and that only classical music should be heard. I personally only listen to classical music. How true is this, and especially in regard to these New Age bands with alien overtones, specifically “Go West” by Pet Shop Boys? I would love to know the hidden intention or message of that music video, whether Pleiadian or Draco.”

This Awareness indicates that generally speaking, the harmonious music, wherein chords are harmonious, is uplifting and harmonious to the soul. Generally speaking, music that is dissonant and clashing tends to affect the nerves, and can create a problem for the energies of an entity’s psyche or soul. Emotional levels, for example, may be disturbed by clashing disharmonious music.
This Awareness indicates however, that when an entity evolves far enough in a soul sense or spiritual sense, the entity may find that certain dissonant sounds, a minor chord instead of a major chord, can be extremely beautiful, and also entities may find that the augmented fifth, or some change in the chord to create a particular area of dissonance within a harmonious chord, can also add a new sense of harmony that is quite beautiful when placed in relationship to others chords, so that music, such as that written by the Rimsky-Korsakov, who wrote ‘Bolero’ and ‘Scheherazade’ –this writer of Russian music and his student Khachaturian, used tones that were not classic harmony but had certain elements of dissonance in such a way as to create a different kind of beauty.

These harmonies were not the regular major thirds or even minor chords, but were of a different nature to bring about a new kind of harmony that had notes which carried a certain clash along with the harmony. This Awareness indicates that Shostakovich for example, carried this even further. In modern times the C major seventh chord is used quite frequently, and its sad dissonant sound is greatly enjoyed. However, two hundred years ago it was considered too dissonant to be heard in a composition. It wasn’t until the composer Erik Satie started using it in his compositions that it became recognized and slowly became popular as a legitimate musical statement. Later writers disregarded the scale of seven notes with its sharps and flats by creating 12 notes in the scale, using all the sharps and all the flats along with the regular notes, and indiscriminately playing the
various notes without regard to the “Do Re Me Fa So La Ti Do” scale. This Awareness indicates that this allowed them to get around the entire scale without being held by restrictive rules and harmonies, whereby music then became more wild, even though still classical in nature; a pattern being broken, so that they used the full range of 12 notes instead of 7 notes of the scale. This Awareness indicates that even this did not harm the soul or harm the emotions or disrupt the patterns of harmony within the psyche so much that the psyche lost any sense of structure, but when music entered into modern rock and roll and heavy metal and lost any form or pattern other than rhythmic beat and repetition of notes, the guttural voice and disharmonious sounds and repetitive beats of rhythm began to create a new kind of disturbance to the order of the soul, or order of the human psyche.

The deep beating affecting the gonads, the guttural sounds affecting certain basic animalistic instincts within the psyche, being equated or related to animal growling and the deeper chakras and the harsh screaming of the vocals along with music that followed no particular melody or pattern; all of this began to tear away at order, the harmonious order of the soul.
You must understand that the chakras in the human body equate to the “Do Re Me Fa So La Ti Do” of the scale, and when the music does not follow these harmonic notes of the human chakra, it begins to disturb, disrupt, and create confusion in the chakras, and therefore, the psyche becomes chaotic and loses its order, and the base gonad levels from the beating of the drums and low bass tones become dominant in the chakras of the human. Thus, consciousness descends to the gonad level and to the lower chakra levels.

This Awareness indicates however, if the composer and musicians use rhythm, even repetitive beats, but also play harmonious melodies or provide tones that invoke feelings of wonder or awe or higher intelligence, this kind of music can inspire and help to heal the human psyche. There is much good to be found in popular music, especially if the melodies and lyrics are used in a manner that uplifts. This Awareness indicates that even music and lyrics that are dark and seem to wallow in the lower levels and invoke depths of sadness can help entities to rise above their own imagined darkness. Some of the songs written by Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan have the ability to tap into levels of human tragedy and somehow manage to uplift and raise this sense of tragedy and despair, which can help entities to climb out of the repetitive negative emotional patterns that they are trapped in.

This Awareness indicates that music is akin to magic. Even the words “Music” and “Magic” are similar in their construction. This Awareness asks you to remember that there is good magic, which seeks to uplift and help, and there is bad magic, which seeks to tear down, destroy and create chaos. Music is a tool that can be used for good or for ill, and as always, the choice is yours.

Excerpted from "Cosmic Awareness Newsletter May 2017."

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Power Path On Our Full Moon Day

Changing the business of life. Yes, I'm fully aware that the business aspect needs to be organized. We see there are systems already in place, but that they are all crumbling because they don't exist on integrity...and therefore, we slip in and begin placing our business in amongst that old order and begin to organize ourselves, wherefore it will be suddenly blooming right out of the old, using up the old energies for the new energies which have just come in. Move over rover, this is someone else's sober work to do.

      Today I'm going to open up a book to your attention. It is "The Power Path; The Shaman's Way To Success In Business And Life" by Jose Stevens.

This book opens up and begins here, and with insertions of my wisdom. He starts with a couple of excerpts from other authors. From the author Peter Senge, "Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership," I'll just take a snippet: "Ultimately, leadership is about creating new realities..." And from the author Victor Sanchez, "Toltecs of the New Millennium": "The World that we perceive, such as the self (our own ego), is nothing more than a description---a fantasy (my wisdom: in other words, misplaced attention) that only seems real due to our insistence in acting as though it were real... When we stop our contradictory description of the world, which we construct daily, we see that it is the true path of freedom that allows us to construct better worlds for us to inhabit."

Ok, now we move on to this man Jose Stevens' book, his writing.

My wisdom: These, I call Shirts. They are Disguised.

"-Corporate leader
-Chief executive officer
-Chief financial officer
-Chief information officer
-Vice president
-Head of human resources
-Team leader
-Communication officer
-Board member
-Department head

Those are the highly recognizable titles of modern business leaders, the movers and shakers of corporations that shape today's world and dictate the course of so much of the world's progress."

My wisdom: And these, I call Shirtless. The Undisguised.

"-Wise man
-Medicine woman
-Spirit walker
-Psychopomp (Walker between the Worlds)
-Soul retriever

These are just a few names applied to extraordinary men and women who have acted as leaders of their indigenous communities on every continent of this planet. They have been the movers and shakers of their worlds, the ones who have made things happen despite massive obstacles and unfavorable odds."

My wisdom. So, it's not 'I want to do this or that'. Want has nothing to do with it. Just fill the "need" whether shirted and disguised, or shirtless and naked. They're both important to know how to dress and undress in. That is, to change costumes.

Let's continue:

"What, if anything, do these two apparently diverse groups have in common? Is there a relationship between them? Is there anything to be learned from the mystically oriented indigenous leaders that can apply to the modern business community? At first glance it may be difficult to see the connection between these worlds; with closer scrutiny, however, you will find within the indigenous traditions a vast and deep knowledge base crucial to the businessperson who is ready to understand the next phase and take the next leap in the business world.

When you stop to consider, is there such a difference between the challenges of a medicine man or woman confronted with a patient's illness and a business consultant confronted with a seriously fractured corporation? When a seer is asked to predict the outcome of the hunt, is that such a different circumstance from a marketing expert attempting to predict the outcome of an advertising campaign? When a shaman is asked to remove a curse, is that not like a manager being asked to find out about and remove the obstacles to productivity within a department? The obstacles and challenges are actually not so different. The difference lies in how each group traditionally sees the problem and how they go about attempting to fix it.

For years our business has been to live in both of these worlds, studying with mystics privately and outwardly working as executive coaches and trainers. The theme of power is central to both worlds, and we discovered that we could be more influential individually and as consultants if we trained in the ancient methods of acquiring and utilizing power."

And there it is. Now we understand what is happening in our World today. There is a shuffling about going on. Yes, the marriage has occurred. The alchemical marriage. The up and the down has combined. The left and the right has combined. The inside and the outside has combined. It is now a new existence.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Shiva The White Lion.

      Shiva will dance with you. He's light on his feet. "Come on over." And dance! Let's dance! I'll be your China doll and loll in your arms.

 Why should I waste all the skulls around my waist throwing them at you? I quite like the necklace on my hips, hahaha. The reddier to cling-clang and make some bony music with you. Everybody wants some. Everybody needs some. You too?

How about right now, in the depths of the heights, from the bottom to the top?

Right. Right now.

It's been fun staying calm. It's time to cling clang long.

Let's start with the Sea of Virgo, Vol. 6 Lesson 1.

The Mind

Sea of Virgo, Vol. 6 Lesson 1

The Sea of Virgo relates to the nature of the order of the Universe, the structure of the mind, and the effects of that order upon that structure, as well as the structure upon that order of things. The first lesson is that which relates to the orderly mind and its relationship and structure.

This Awareness suggests that in considering universal essences that entities assume, temporarily, that the universe contains within itself that consciousness that permeates all its parts and thus is a universal living Being.

It suggests that consciousness expresses itself in two major ways. This Awareness suggests one of these is through experience; the other is through form.

There are varying degrees between the form and the experience. This may also be termed the matter and the spirit.

In considering the nature of consciousness in terms of matter and in terms of spirit, or the experiencing of consciousness, there are degrees between. Within the confines between spirit and matter is that which is called Mind, and that which is called emotion, and that which is called feeling.

The feeling level is that which is closer to the spirit aspect or the experiential aspect of being, while that which is called mind or thought is closer to that which is the material aspect of being. Thought, essentially, is an action where the experience is recorded, condensed down into pictures or symbols and recorded either in memory or in writing or in the spoken word or in some form of material expression, such as art or architecture or other types of structures."


So many experiences one can have with the Mind.

It's just like colouring pictures. Or you can have them in black and white.

May 7, the Queen of Diamonds birthday. Diamonds and Pearls. Some have been swallowed by them.
It would be nice to have someone as strong as a diamond and as gentle as a pearl, because that would be a nice balance. But heck, everything and everyone gets weighed in the balance. Who can escape? Not now anyway. Too much under the bridge, so to speak.

"Who, In Fact, You Really Are," Shiva. And if you email me asking for it, I'll send you the PDF to this book, otherwise, you'll have to find it for yourself. It's out there, somewhere.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Higher Dimensions.

     Today I noticed a lot of interesting things. I saw beings from the other side showing up all over the place through everything, and even the houses down the street I was walking on looked a whole lot nicer. Then later I saw a fairy, and then another one, but before them, I saw all kinds of other beings. So yea. This is it. This is the good stuff. I'm finally enjoying myself. And life on planet Earth is much more interesting, once again, FINALLY, YAY!!!

(I'll be back for more communication, but right now, I'm going to go listen to some music.)

Well I found some music, out of all that scrapcrapping paper out there, on youtube. Anyway, glad there's still something nice around. Hahahaa! (has it been that long? No. Looooonger....)

It matters... it matters not.


Now Behold! A witch cometh forth.

Now Behold! A True Word Is Coming Forth...

Higher dim=mentions then listen to this music.

I was impressed by the ball when it lit up in my face, and in my ears this something else music appeared.

Have fun.


     Alright. Today is Saturday December 17, 2016.

Yesterday I was talking about looking for some music on youtube? Well, I went on their homepage and all they're selling for you to hear are junk shit by young kids these days. That's why I had to type in a specific band to find something from the past which sounded good. Today, after listening to this video below, "Endgame: Disclosure & The Final Defeat of the Cabal, by David Wilcock & Corey Goode, Part 1,"........ I now know why all those little kids sound so poor. They have no music in them. All they were or still are, is sex dolls for the Cabal to rape and misuse. Hence, how could any music whatsoever come out of them? It makes sense now.

Written by Radu Cinamarro (found on this site, but no links work to the Radu sites)

"In recent years the teachings of Satan came to occupy the most important place in the collective mentality of many people. A relatively large part of people, if they ask "what is satanism?" would answer that, ' with the devil ". Of course, I do not expect to offer any explanation more complex, but at the same time, some of them have some notions about what is Satanism, I notice that-was among the first to hurry to celebrate this day deeply satanista.

The "father" of the "Church of Satan", tenebrosul Anton Szandor LaVey and terifiantul, used to say that Halloween is one of the largest celebrations in the satanic calendar, along with "Walpurgică" or Night witches Sabbath, on May 1.

In his book, the theory and practice of magic, written in 1929, he explains the reasons for the ritual death and why very young boys are perfect victims: "the magicians of antiquity believed that every living being is a storehouse of energy, which depends on the quantity and size of the animal's health status, and quality of mental health and of his moral character. When the animal dies, its energy is suddenly released. The one who wants to make a good quality spiritual work must choose their victim with utmost caution, so as to obtain the most pure force and stronger. The victim of the most perfect possible is a male child, absolutely innocent and endowed with a greater native intelligence ".

Crowley added in a footnote that according to Frater Perurabo satanistului journal, he practiced the ritual sacrifice of 150 times a year, between the years 1912-1928. This means that only a man has killed a total of nearly 2,500 boys in this time frame. You may wonder what happens to the millions, Yes, millions of children who disappear each year throughout the world, without ever hears something from them? And i never put to account those who are raised by small directly for this purpose without the public ever knowing anything about them.

I think you start to convince yourself that the estimates of the annual ritual sacrifices are not at all exaggerated. In essence, Satanism doesn't mean anything other than a theft of energy and consciousness of another person. In the olden days of yore was known by the term "Rapture" soul ". Perhaps you find that these rituals are but a hideous perversion, but those who practice them know very well that no matter how the ritual so its effects.

A ritual is only a tool that leads to a goal: theft or manipulation of energy. Sex occurs so frequently in the rituals of Satan because when the orgasm is caused by a burst of energy for which sataniştii and reptilienii can easily absorb. Sexual energy of love with a vibration resonate infinitely higher, which is why it cannot be accessed by the reptilians.

Instead, sex practiced during a ritual or satanic sacrifice makes as explosion of vital energy to produce a very low vibration, thanks to the intention which led to the sexual intercourse, so that the energy resonate perfectly with the frequency reptiliană. The astrological energies generated by the constant movement of the planets on the orbit, plus the Sun and moon cycles, are also used to enhance the power of rituals. For example, sataniştii have certain days where its most important ceremonies. These days are slaughtered an impressive number of victims, in particular children.

Some of the most important are:

-1 night/2 February Candlemas;
-21/22 March, the spring equinox;
-April 30/May 1, Walpurgiilor/Beltane Night;
-21/22 June, summer solstice;
-31 July/1 august, Newcastle Emlyn, Festival of the Sabbath;
-21/22 September, autumn equinox;
-31 October/1 November, Samhain/Halloween;
-21/22 December, winter solstice or Yule.

I wish to emphasize again that these dates and festivals are not Satanic itself. They represent important moments in the planetary cycle annually, when the Earth is extremely powerful energies of various kinds, and enabling the development of rituals and ceremonies both positive and negative. The cycle produces energy, and use sataniştii in their own purposes, just as do those who use it in positive, rituals such as the modern Druids. Other times they achieved widespread Satanic rituals are moonlit nights, when solar energy reflected by the star has the night is at its peak. Noting the significance they attach to sataniştii day of May 1, the date when the enlightened Bavarian appeared (in 1776) and day of Communists and Socialists around the world (another creation of the Brotherhood).

The key of Solomon is a book of occult magic. The legend claims that it was written by "King Solomon". She presents the Pentagram and the necessary instructions for using the invocation of demons, with the sacrifices that must be made to the latter. These works provide the knowledge necessary for ancient repeating these rituals generation after generation. The central core of the Knights Templar was involved in rituals of black magic and not infrequently the Templars were accused of satanism and rejection of Christianity under the grounds that it denies Christ and spit on the cross.

It is said that worshiped a very powerful demon named Bafomet, a symbol of black magic, also known as the Goat of Mendes. Capricorn (goat or scapegoat, symbolized and unicorn) is the iniţiatului and represents the political power, while the lion (Sun) represents Royal power. Here arose the expression that the lion is King of the jungle and why is the lion on the flag of the British Royal family. Aquarius is ruled by the planet Saturn, while Zodiac Lion is governed by the Sun.

Therefore, sataniştii and black magicians focuses heavily on those two celestial aştri during their rituals. For this reason, the planet Saturn has a more powerful vibratory impact upon the Earth than are willing to recognize the astrologers. In astrology, Saturn is the planet that governs considered the law and authority."

Radu Cinamar: Author

Radu Cinamar is a Romanian author and a very mysterious figure who was chosen by the head of Department Zero, the most secretive department of the Romanian government's intelligence network to write about what was found from the secret excavations beneath the Romanian Sphinx in 2003. He was subsequently recruited to work for Department Zero and has worked there for several years. Radu has four books about his various experiences.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Shocking Findings!

Alright dahrlings, we have more information! in this Information age! Lovely huh? You've come to expect information upon information. Well don't sweat it, just pack it all in. Hahahaa.

The thing that I was interested in was, having dealt with a Scorpio just recently, who pawned himself off as being an eagle...and I thought he was a Phoenix, because of the high level of unusual spiritual activity in the communications... only to find after wards, after three gruelling months of knowing him, that in fact, it was an 'attachment' to him that I had been communicating with. Can you fathom that? I fell in love with an attachment. Hahaha! What a frustrating joke, especially when I found out the man I was actually talking to was a real dud. (He would even say to me he was a joker. But now I know who was talking through the medium, i.e. the body.) I was wondering why there were so many bumps along the way if he was so intelligent. Something just wasn't panning out, so I started to do a deep in-depth study on the conversations we had, on the inner feelings I was getting, the dreams I had at night, and just everything, you know? It turns out I couldn't handle anymore of him, and I wanted the Truth! so I just out and told him, flat out, showing him a lot more of who I am behind my mask. He tucked his tail under his legs, succumbing, saying he's sorry if he hurt my feelings and wasted my time but this relationship is not working between us and so good bye. Well that's how it ended. Hahaha. Craven. No explanations, no real communication. I mean, I was relying on a higher entity working through him, and that's where all my love was seeping, into that aspect. Not into the man. Anyway, so today I was reading a Cosmic Awareness newsletter in which he said this sentence:

"This Awareness wishes to acknowledge the power
that exists and is available to each and every individual
to access the dynamic relationships within all things,
within all energy, so that the transmission of
knowledge and information can therefore be provided
to even the smallest of atoms or molecular structures.
One can avail themselves of these relationships and in
part request and receive answers. This is complete."

So I availed myself to asking questions of that dynamic relationship in that being I had been communicating with for three months, and I found out someone else was talking to me instead of the guy I had been involved with. So I asked that being questions instead. He told me that guy was a Pleiadian and that he had been his attachment for a very long time. And I mean Looooooong time. Way out there, a few hundred thousand years. So I wondered what the heck would an attachment be on this guy for that long? He showed me that the guy was not a good person. Well I still didn't understand, seeing how decent and kind enough to answer my questions politely this being here, this attachment, was. So I decided to go into the dynamic relationship of that man whom I had just spent an intense three months of communicating with over the internet. Well my oh my, was I ever shocked. This guy truly was dirt cheap. The way he spoke was a far cry from how the attachment in him spoke. I was so disgusted I stopped the communication. After that experience, I was glad! he had an attachment on him! And it's no wonder I fell in love with the attachment, but hey, that doesn't look too well on human male-kind. I'm constantly falling in love with the "little foxes" but never seem to be able to find a decent male human being to fall in love with! It has gotten so frustrating, I don't want to bother anymore! But then, I got smart. I requested of the Universe to send me some human beings who are as intelligent and even more intelligent than I am, so at least I have an opportunity to learn something. Well guess what? After making myself a drink because of the stress I suddenly was pitched through, I decided I just didn't want to think about this anymore, and so..

...what I did was open my computer files to look for something to read when out of my mind the thought comes, "Blue Star Transmissions," because in my files I saw the words "Blue Lotus" as I was going down the page, and that's what made me to think of him. Now I haven't read his transmissions for years. And I liked him when I did read his stuff, so I decided to go look to see if he was still around. And guess what? HE's a Pleiadian too! Hahaha. Some kind of warrior type. I don't know. But I went to go find his stuff, and find it I did. In the meantime I was thinking, well I just BET that Blue Star had arranged this transmission before any of this stuff happened, and he knew that I was going to go through this so I bet he put something in his transmission just for me, because I wasn't reading his stuff for many years, and for me to all of a sudden get him in my thoughts, and desire to go look for his stuff to read it?  I starts reading....  and guess what I read? Check this out!:

"Now, it has been when you have each during the past, in this life experience I mean, been in contact with others who lacked your Spiritual stamina, who have lacked your belief in the Greater Good and what that truly means and were not really the peoples you should have aligned with, is when you suffered the most. Most of those experiences were of a very personal nature and happened for you to learn from but NOT to be obsessed with! Yet, true to your nature and with the additional help of some…ahem… hardheadedness, you ones became the true symbol of the Phoenix Rising.  So, because that was then and this is NOW, it was the “then” that was a catalyst to get you from THERE to HERE."  --Blue Star Transmissions.

Hahahaha. Hilarious hey? I'd say. That one is just too mauch! He's lovely though. SO, there you go. And of course, finding out that I had to open up with my best to that man who I was dealing with, because he certainly wasn't opening up or telling me the truth, it turns out that is what Phoenix really means. Goodness and honesty. Then I remembered about Thoth and the Emerald Tablets, and even before I finished reading Blue Star's transmission, I went looking to see why I had thought of him. Well, I landed on a site called "The Secrets of Thoth and The Keys of Enoch," and it said this:

"According to the "calendar in stone" of the Great Pyramid, which describes the so-called "Phoenix Cycle" of our galactic orbit, the present time period ends (converted to our present calendar) in the year 2012 AD. The Greek word PHOENIX, derived from the Egyptian word, PA-HANOK, actually means, "The House of Enoch".

The Enochian knowledge suggests, these regular cataclysmic changes act as an evolutionary agent provocateur, to quicken the resident life forms to the next evolutionary phase, prior to exodus from the womb planet. Human evolution may proceed more rapidly than previously thought.

The evidence now appearing, records civilizations before us, who mastered the physical continuum and progressed beyond this world. There were also those who failed. We, too, have equal opportunity to make it or break it."

Well, the most unusual thing about this last excerpt is, I was trying to get evolvement happening in our relationship between that man and I, but he only seemed to not understand me, which is why I was so confused because I thought his spirit was doing some awesomely interesting things there, but he just didn't seem aware he was doing it. Well of course, he was possessed, someone else was doing most of those things instead of him!

Well, that's a tad bit of my journey of adventure, painfully learned lessons, and on to newer and more interesting adventures. Hope you're all having some fun and INformative adventures yourselves. Love.




I could be wrong. For all it's worth, I could be the one in the wrong seeing things askew, and that one who I was talking about, may just be a higher being, and because I don't recognize it, I mistrust, doubt, am hesitant, and then throw in a conclusion that seems correct to me. Maybe they have a war to fight as well, and I just can't seem to see that through such dimness of sight at the moment. Perhaps I need to find a way to clear my vision before I can say what is really going on. Perhaps I wrote this because I was frightened and like a bird, was airing my concerns to the other birds, not realizing what the truth was. Anyway, who knows at this point. There is need for further delving and study before I can come to any conclusion.
-Mon Nov 28, 2016-



I was correct the first time.
-Sat Dec 3, 2016


Saturday March 4, 2017 3:04am

Actually, I just figured it all out now. The damned A.I. (artificial intelligence) were interfering with my communications, and they were making things up to make me think they were something else.

Listening to Andrew Bartzis during a Friday March 3rd, 2017 facebook podcast has made me to realize this. Oh! Those nasty interfering A.I.'s

Andrew Bartzis Galactic Historian from Facebook

Oh and, that Scorpio guy is not a dud, he's a really good guy. It was the A.I. who was the dud, that manipulating malevolent influence trying to destroy something from occurring. But these are just personal writings for the regular people, for learning and fun.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Symbolism & Language.

Here's an excerpt out of the gnostic Nag Hammadi Library, from the codex "On the Origin of the World":

"Now when Pistis Sophia saw him moving about in the depth of the waters, she said to him, "Child, pass through to here," whose equivalent is 'yalda baoth'.
Since that day, there appeared the principle of verbal expression, which reached the gods and the angels and mankind. And what came into being as a result of verbal expression, the gods and the angels and mankind finished."  

Describing the complexity of the symbolism in language:

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Balancing The Being Consciously

     What we need to do, to function correctly, to function balancedly, is to re-order the way we use our brains. The first brain is in the heart center. The next brain is in the skull, and the next brain is in the gut. So in order to function properly, we must organize our consciousness to work through the proper order of brains. So here we are, a being, connected to a body. Put your being consciousness on the heart area. Close your eyes and feel what that area feels like. It's expansive, huh? Yea, it is. That is the Main connecting area. That is your god-self in the form, the master of the entirety, of everything. The Sun of the entire system. It spreads its rays throughout the entire system and there is a communication between that heart area brain, with the rest of the body's brains. It has a type of language that all the other parts of the body understand. And this Sun understands all the other languages that the body uses, those complex languages. (the ones that the brain in the skull doesn't seem to understand at all!)

 Then you've got that little planet speeding away, all over the place, which never rests, called Mercury, that is, your brain in your head with all its thoughts. Focus on that area. Close your eyes and feel what that area feels like. You see, after you've experienced the Heart Area, you now know that this, Mercury/Skull brain, is the second brain, not the first brain! Doesn't it feel like it came from the heart? Well it did! It is Hearts companion. Mind is the companion of heart, not the master. The Master is the Heart. The Mind in the skull is the companion. They work together. (at least they're suppose to!) So, if you have a runaway brain, get it back into its place, where it will perform better following the Heart brain's communications to it.

Next we have the gut brain. The intuitional, bodily working, sub-conscious? brain. Yes, that one. The one most people don't even know exists.... no wonder they call it the unconscious or subconscious brain. But to become aware of its workings, close your eyes and focus on your gut area, just below your belly button. And see what that area feels like. Now that is some brain, huh? Did you feel the world in which it rules? That too needs to be taken into context. If you forget about that brain, then you're missing out on the whole. So put that brain where it belongs, and know that it too is, and that it is there, working along with the skull brain, with the Heart brain.

So you have God the Father brain, the Heart; the Son brain, in the skull; and you have Mother brain, the lower brain in the gut area. When you can clearly see how these three work together, then you can begin to create your own reality very nicely.

Ok, I'm going to put a wrench into this whole process that will make you think sharper. Mercury has a twin! Hahaha. Right brain has left brain, just like Father has Mother. So you got two sides to your skull brain so they can sharpen each other and stay sharp. So if your mind-set is only fear-based, then you're missing out on sharpening your faculties. You have to be aware that the equal balances are not good and evil, even though the illusion appears to be that. But that they are right brain --the higher thoughts, and left brain --the immediate thoughts. They work together.

      So, quite interesting thoughts come out of this one.
The Luciferian mind that works with High mind, had to be lower but not so low as the others were, so that when Mother came, she was attracted to that mind, seeing through this one, she could help the others to grow, or fit into balance. Therefore, through him she birthed the physical Universe. But it was the craftiness of the Higher mind which brought them together, in order for this to have even occurred. Hahaha. Brilliant! Hhaha. What a place. So anyway. Lucifer connects to the Mother so that the children will have a place in which to learn and grow, and come back to the Father for Higher education. Ah! Now I get it. Finally! Hahahaa. And that's how physical forms were created, and have their shape. And the mother no longer cleans them, but they clean themselves. Independent beings! But of course, it takes responsibility to be independent, as well as courage. And so the Mother has come here to help out with that! Have courage. Hahahaa. Without courage, the abilities waste away. What's the point of being given so many gifts if you don't even bother to use them. They just sit in the closet collecting dust. Oh my! So get to work. Stretch that mind, and go play with some experimentation. You'll have fun and learn all at the same time.

-- "The soul's own revelations understood, are far more significant than any descriptions which other men may give. Unless we already bore within us the evidence for the great realities here to be considered, what is said would signify little.
-- "Yet it is precisely the new way of characterising old experiences which for many constitutes the revelation of the Spirit. The Spirit making the world anew, is no doubt the real revelation.
-- "The Spirit never pauses, and the great miracle is not so much what it leaves with us, as what it IS while it pulsates through us and achieves its work.
-- "Since it is the Spirit alone that giveth life, we may well reflect on the conditions under which the life is given, and learn the better to apprehend the Spirit's presence."

Here are more excerpts from: The Philosophy of the Spirit, by Horatio W. Dresser.

“There are times when we seem to be incapable of performing intellectual synthesis. But those are the periods when our wealth has increased faster than our powers of generalization. The resource is, rest, time for assimilation, for those marvellous syntheses of which the mind is capable when left to its spontaneous devices. There is a richness in these gradually developed syntheses which analytical thought can scarcely equal. Experience seemingly makes its own synthesis within us, and constructs into the totality of a new insight, data which appeared to be utterly inconsistent. To awaken into a vision of wholeness, where once we saw only fragments, is to begin to have a philosophy of Spirit.”

“Does the philosopher evolve an abstract starting point out of his own world, as a genuine account of the universe? Or, does he begin with experience, with all its irrationality, then progressively develop its rationality? Is the logical process purely formal, or does the logician deal with the actual subject-matter of human experience? What in general, is the concept of the immediate, psychically and otherwise, regarded? In the present inquiry, the study of the immediacy of religious experience is taken as a type of the general logical problem. The question, once defined, the next problem is... What method shall be pursued? If one is interested to evaluate human experience afresh, one must keep close to experience and avoid technical subtleties. On the other hand, one cannot be exact without being technical. The most promising course would appear to be this; to begin with actual, verifiable life, then introduce technicalities, only so far as necessary for precision.”

Friday, May 20, 2016

The Father Is Always Present. "The Philosophy of the Spirit."

An, excellent writer, Horatio W. Dresser. Here I put some of his words, for meditating on, from the book, "The Philosophy of the Spirit."

     "It has too long been customary to speak of God as static, fixed, immutable. We have been told again and again that "God created the heavens and the earth," as if that were all He ever could do. We have heard times enough! that God is inscrutable, that "His ways are past finding out." (yea, for the lazy! who don't want to bother with anything excellent).

"Hence, attention is directed to the thought of God anew. For it is neither a question of the "far-off divine event" nor of the mere deeds accomplished in the near-by present, but of the Power which EVER accomplishes. To dwell upon the remote event is to forget that God is even NOW giving of His life. To be alone concerned with the things done, is to be subservient to the "time-spirit," hence, to lose sight of all save circumstance. But to dwell in thought with the Power that works in all who labour, lives in all who love, is to begin to know what the Spirit is."

"It is plain that the idea of the divine presence has been greatly neglected. We have heard so much about the relativities of knowledge, the merely human condition and factors, that many have lost the power to believe. The same theorists who insist upon human relativities declare that God is "unknowable." Thus the same doctrine brings man too near and puts God afar. But the True God is discoverable amidst the limitations, if at all. The human factors, well in hand, it is opportune to consider the reality which is made known through them. The doubts which perplexed men for a season, were profitable, but, mere doubts are of little value until their positive content be made explicit. The considerations which make for a philosophy of Spirit are already at hand, already in the minds of the people, otherwise, it would indeed be audacious to undertake the development of such a philosophy. In fact, it is the awakening of the mind into freshness of conviction, even amidst the deadening sense of relativity, that may be set down as evidence that the Spirit exists."

"Our first need is to approach the conception of God from the immediate point of view which regards Him as the Father achieving a purpose."

"We are first to learn, or endeavor to learn, what God is doing, then from this concrete consideration, pass to the question of the essential nature of God. Our motive throughout is to direct interest afresh to the ever-living God of the human heart and of progressive achievements, in contrast with the agnostic argument which has steadily removed God from human ken.

     There are two general sources of the agnosticism, which for several decades, has made it difficult for men to declare their positive faith in God. The critical philosophy of Immanuel Kant, and the philosophy of evolution. Kant's analysis of 'human reason' withdrew the interest from what may be denominated the "divine factors" of all our experience and thought. Our own rational constructive power was thus seen to be the central agency. The conception of God, together with the lesser conceptions of the world as a complete system, and the human soul as a real being, unitary, and immortal, thus became "ideals of pure reason" rather than ideas which implied positive knowledge of the existence of their objects. To be sure, Kant restored the higher objects of belief in his ethical philosophy, ie, as postulates of practical reason. Thus, as he himself said, he did "away with knowledge to make room for 'faith'." But the fashion in philosophy was set by his conclusions in regard to pure reason. It seemed poor consolation to restore the conceptions of God, freedom, and immortality as objects of faith, as opposed to objects of knowledge. The attempt to prove the existence of God in the old-time ontological way, not only ceased with Kant, but it became difficult even to believe in God in the former fashion. Hence, increasing attention was given to the limitations of human knowledge, the study of human nature regarded as relatively independent.

     Likewise, with the philosophy of evolution. Although God was not left wholly out of account, the new philosophy gave rise to a tendency which has since become a habit, namely, to dwell upon the factors of heredity, natural selection, and environment, or to bestow emphasis upon such principles as "the survival of the fittest," the law of "use and disuse." Hence, the old-time theories of design gave place to theories of nature, in which little or nothing was said about purpose, save so far as the mere struggle for existence was concerned. Instead of indulging in the mere generality, "God created the world," men began to show how existing forms of life came into being through the gradual transformation of that which pre-existed. Thus the idea of God fell more and more into the background, and it became customary to describe what happened without reference to its ultimate cause."

     "But except for the more profound scholars, it has made belief in the direct power of God, extremely difficult. And even for scholars it has been difficult, if not impossible, to reconcile the conception of God as Father, with the idea of God as the immanent agency of natural evolution.
Meanwhile, those who have "preserved the faith" are the less critical people who cling to the simplicity of belief in authoritative revelation. Such people not only unqualifiedly condemn the critical philosophy and scientific agnosticism, but discard the higher criticism of the Bible. In the midst of those who point out that the idea of God is essentially man's creation, they have the courage to speak "from God's point of view." If their assumption in thus speaking in behalf of God appears to be great, their humility is greater, inasmuch as they place so little stress upon their own thought, and minimize themselves in their zeal. One cannot agree with these people. It is impossible to take a backward step when man has once begun to think. Nevertheless there is truth in these contentions. Undoubtedly it is possible to make too much of the merely human self and its powers of thought.

     The result of the interaction between the critical philosophy and orthodoxy, has been gradual recognition of the truth in both points of view. God has been restored to His place as creator, or rather has been given a worthy place for the first time. It is now perfectly consistent to be at once, a theist and a believer, in the gradual development of all organic forms. Many problems of the higher criticism are far from being settled, but the extreme views are surely doomed, for they assumed too much, and excluded even more. One may assimilate the results of such criticism, yet still regard the world, the travail of the human soul, from "the point of view of God." For the emphasis has been changed and a new view of human nature has taken place, of the one in which, only the divine factors in religious experience were considered. There is nothing to fear when the limitations of human language and thought are dwelt upon. The philosophy of Spirit wins its triumphs precisely by virtue of these relativities. Without submitting our beliefs to critical investigation, we could hardly have continued to believe.

     The point of these discussions is not an eclectic or harmonising standpoint, but one which involves a reconstruction of the conception of God, and a new criticism of psychological and other human factors. Nor does it imply a naive return to the religious conceptions of man's childhood. It is first of all sympathetic, so far as the real objects of religious belief are concerned. But, the point of view will also prove to be progressively critical and reconstructive. It is frankly an outgrowth of modern thought. Such thought involves the gradual enlargement of our ideas of God, to meet the needs of the scientific conception of nature. It shows that we may well proceed as far as the philosophy of evolution carries us, and still insist that the idea of God has place, especially as, the most important questions concerning the origin of life, the transition from the inorganic to the organic kingdom, the transition from matter to mind, and the questions that relate to the origin of species, still remain to be answered."

What a brilliant man, hey?

“If God was also present in that experience, the philosopher could hardly expect to describe everything that occurred. There is no reason for falling back upon a state of mystery. But there is ground for the plea that one must make allowances for factors that are more than human. One could hardly expect to know and describe the divine nature through and through. No one is able to enumerate all of God’s purposes, or tell how and when they are to be realized. Possibly God has access to man in ways which even the psychologists and critics of the Bible have been unable to discover. Modesty as well as reason constrains us to state what we discover on the finite side, and leave abundant room for what may exist on the divine part.
What we know is the experience of the presence of God, or the revelation from God, after it has made its impression upon man, not what took place before man felt the divine presence. It is perfectly legitimate to dwell upon the human result. But it is equally legitimate to speak reverently and modestly from “the point of view of God,” to dwell poetically, appreciatively, on the Godward side.”